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Tropicalia Woodie Resort

by Tin Woodman

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The Italian band, formed by Simone Ferrari (Simon Diamond), Davide Chiari (Dave The Wave) and obviously Tin Woodman, the robot landed from the secret city of Wautah in order to become a rock star, organized a festive trip that brings together the glam music from the 80s, catchy indie pop melodies, robotic rap and sci-fi setting in a celebration of LGBTQIA+ rights and love as absolute autonomy of choice: "We looked at Tin Woodman as a creature not sexually defined and therefore without prejudice towards anyone, who urges 'humans' to participate in life as a gigantic party organized in the most vicious Resort in the Universe. The freedom to be oneself, to perceive oneself in relation to our most intimate desires, without the fear of the others' judgment, is the theme of the song and is the characteristic we love most in people. The future must be a riot of colors, the rainbow colors, as happens in every verse of this song”.
The inspiration that triggered the writing of Tropicalia Woodie Resort has been Pike Resort, in Ibiza, the most popular holiday destination for stars in the Eighties and the epitome of a musical and cultural movement. Featuring Michele Marelli on drums and Chiara Amalia Bernardini from KICK on the choirs, the song speaks of a magical place with vibrant tropical atmosphere, in an explosion of diving into the pool, stars and showers of diamonds. At Tropicalia Woodie Resort there are no genders, there are no categories, there is no race and there are no inhibitions



Everybody would like to get into
Tropicalia Woodie Resort
Where everything is permissible and nothing is morally wrong
The place where you can be whoever you want
It is a place without judgment
Oh Bru, com’on breaking to
Low five from me to u
That’s the playlist of your life
That’s the squad of every time
Drink with freedom and selz
Male, shemale, be gay be everybody else

You have been called, what do you want to do? This is a place for someone like you
Live with us, love with us
Fuck what people think out of here
Drink, dance, love and feel free to be whoever you want
Dressed in rags, filled with gold, you can dive naked with us
Rains of diamonds, here are my waves smell the gears there are no breaks
There’s a DJ playing for you, now tell me what you want to do?
It’s the time for the robot rap.
Of your street only you are the map.
Bite your fear and don’t think about what will happen to you

Girls kissing in the pool
Tongues as Dave waves is so cool
Oh, you, man, you are the queen
For us you’re special not obscene
Tropicalia Woodie Resort, a family for what it’s worth
Sex, splash, we don’t care how you dress
Bad mood, you need to dead the tune

It seems that the stars came right here,
Driving through the night, through the dark and finally getting to this blessed inn!
I do want to live like a King, I won’t retreat, I will proceed facing all the dares and always asking for stronger drinks!

You have been called, what do you want to do? This is a place for someone like you.
Live with us, love with us.
Get undressed and just trust me It is the time for robot rap
Now, tell me what you want to do?
Bite your fear and don’t think about what will happen to you


released June 18, 2021
Lyrics and music: Tin Woodman
Tin Woodman: drum machines, bass, percussions, sounds effects and backing vocals
Dave The Wave: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, synthesizers, piano, organ and keyboards
Simon Diamond: vocals, electric guitars, piano and keyboards
Michele Marelli: drums
Chiara Amalia Bernardini (KICK): backing vocals
Recorded and mixed by Simone Piccinelli at La Buca Recording Club (Montichiari - BS)
Produced and engineered by Davide Chiari aka Centuries Reverb and Gabriele Ponticiello at La Buca Recording Club (Montichiari - BS)
Mastered by Daniele Salodini at Woodpecker Mastering (Brescia)
Artwork: Nicola Mora & Asap Pleease
Tin Woodman Body Creator & Movement: Francesco Dioni & Mauro Chiara
All rights reserved to Simone Ferrari and Davide Chiari (P) & (C)


all rights reserved



Tin Woodman Brescia, Italy

Tin Woodman: a trio made up of Simon Diamond, Dave The Wave, and Tin Woodman, the handsome robot from Wautah. The band boasts a bright, lively, and engaging sound which combines 80’s glam, rock, hip-hop, and hints of electronic music - all beautifully topped off with dazzling choruses with a strong 60’s pop vibe. ... more

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